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error with FTP Setting

Posted: Sat Aug 18, 2007 10:38 am
by Siko
I have Attach Mod 2.4.5 running on phpbb 2.0.22

FTP Setting is:
Download Link to FTP Path: http://www.**.us/files
When I test setting :
Could not upload files to ftp directory: 'public_html/files'. Please check your FTP Settings
its ok.. but when i upload file its work and file is uploaded:
but when i want download the file from viewtopic.
The selected Attachment does not exist anymore 404 File Not Found: The File does not exist.
i have 2 domains: : << phpbb running on this server : i want to upload & download files to this server..
NOTE: when i upload files to .US its work.. but when i download its does't work

sorry my englsh not good