Since has now gone away I've created this forum to house FAQs and support for this mod in phpBB2.

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I am new to phpBB and the attachment mod and am a bit lost. I successfully installed the attachment mod on our bulletin board and the users are able to upload images. Since large images distort the overall width of the webpage, I am seeking a method of automatically reducing attached images to meet a specified maximum size. Based upon the attachment mod materials, it appears that ImageMagick may accomplish this goal. I checked with my hosting company and was told that ImageMagick is installed on all of their servers at /usr/local/bin/. But now I am confused.

Will ImageMagick automatically (without user input) resize large images during the attachment process? If yes, how do I implement the process?


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Re: ImageMagick

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Well there's the thumbnail system in attachment mod that might do what you're looking for but it's not dynamically settable. You'll need to manually edit the attach_mod/includes/functions_thumbs.php file and change the $max_width variable.