topics with attachments are not shown corectly

Since has now gone away I've created this forum to house FAQs and support for this mod in phpBB2.

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topics with attachments are not shown corectly

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I have a problem with File Attachment Mod v2, MOD Version: 2.4.5 on phpBB 2.0.22. I installed everything as it should be and everything works fine. at least with subsilver and enlighten theme. i have another theme called ndesign which has some problems with the mod. theme itself works ok but when you look topics with attachments it's not shown corectly. I don't know how to fix this, does anybody have any idea? I'd be most grateful.

i attached the pictures of the forum how it looks and how it looks when i open a topic with attachments.

I hope somebody can help me! :oops:

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Re: topics with attachments are not shown corectly

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It looks like it's just the attachments table being too wide. Simply edit the viewtopic_attach_body.tpl file wherever you see the 95% table width to a lower number or to actual pixels until you reach the desired width for your forum. You might rather just add the width to the table.attachtable class style and remove it from the tables themselves since it's repeated numerous times in that file.