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Post by Graham »

Hi David,

Bet you thought You'd got rid of me!! :lol: Hope you and your family are well.

Is it possible at my site to have all of a members poems saved to their computer.
I've been on a couple of poetry sites where they have a link Export your work into your word processor when you click on it a window opens and all your work is there like below, each seperated by a Horizontal line.

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Poems by whoisit

A Tribute to 9/11

on March 23, 2008. © All rights reserved
They stood there like mighty redwoods,
proud and reaching up high
They never saw the silver phantoms,
swooping down from a clear blue sky.

The silver phantoms came screeching,
with a vision of death in each eye
They slammed into the redwoods,
knowing that many would die.

But the redwoods would not be felled,
from such a ferocious blow
They stood a little longer,
so that others could escape from below.

The mighty redwoods they stood there,
until they could fight no more
Then with one last breath they crumbled,
falling floor to floor.

And as they crashed on down,
the dust went higher and higher
Hanging over all those there present,
like some morbid funeral pyre.

So now the mighty redwoods are gone,
making way for a brand new birth
But where the redwoods stood,
is now a sacred place on earth.

on March 24, 2008. © All rights reserved
A Grandma and Granddad bring lots of joy,
to every little girl and boy,
With all their experience throughout the years,
the laughter, sadness, happiness, and tears,

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Post by DavidIQ »

This would require quite a bit of coding and time. :)
It won't be as simple as any of the other things you were doing.

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Post by Graham »

Thanks David,

I understand, it's not that important, just a thought really.


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