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Forum Name Colour

Post by water01 »

We have a main forum with sub-forums below it. I want to make one of those sub-forums Forum Name appear in a larger font and a different colour.

I have tried embedding html and bbcode but niether worked, is there any other way of doing this?

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Re: Forum Name Colour

Post by kate »

We're developing a game, a friend an i (He made the site, but gave me founder access too), and i've made some groups for our staff. I want all of these groups having the chance to moderate the forums as full moderators.
I already setted the permissions and added them as moderators of all the forums. The groups i created are shown as moderators of those forums, But the Administrator/global moderator forums aren't. Any idea on how i do to fix it?

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Re: Forum Name Colour

Post by DavidIQ »

What's the address of your forum?

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