best way to find phpBB version?

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best way to find phpBB version?

Post by Babanty »

I want to do a mass upgrade of phpBB and am looking for the best way to find out which version is running so I can apply the correct patch. I'll be doing the updates on fairly large web servers, so I'm sure there will be many different versions.

I believe I could find the version using the phpBB mysql tables, however since most of the web servers I work with are h-sphere based, the mysql databases are on one central server which means it's a lot of extra work finding out which server/site owns that particular phpBB install. So, I would rather do it without MySQL if at all possible.

Is there any way to find the version of phpBB through the files in the phpBB directory? The only thing of use that I could find was the change log, however that also may not always be accurate as users may have upgraded with patches instead of the changed files.
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Re: best way to find phpBB version?

Post by DavidIQ »

Since the 3.0 days we've had that information in the constants.php file so the version should be easy to determine off of that single file. Hopefully you don't have any 2.0 installations lingering around, but for that you'd maybe just check if the adm directory is missing.
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