phpBB3 question

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phpBB3 question

Post by Karodegi »

Going to try installing phpBB3 on my shared hosting (personal account) and just wanted to check if I need to do anything before doing so.

Currently have nothing but a few basic bits of html and images on there. Do I need to do anything in the way of activating the MySQL or PHP of the hosting or should it just install no problems?

Have created a forum subdomain so will be waiting for that to be created before installing. From a quick glance of the phpBB documentation I just upload into desired folder (forum, which I have set as route of the forum subdomain) and when I browse to that page for the first time the installer should run.
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Re: phpBB3 question

Post by DavidIQ »

You'll need to have created a database already in MySQL: ... quirements

The rest should be as straightforward as running through the installer instructions.
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