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User reminder

Post by DavidIQ »

This is being published here way after phpBB3 has been released but I thought that since I ended up doing it for a client that it should be available for the public.

The purpose of this mod is to send an e-mail notification to all users that have not visited the forum in 30 days. Once it sends the e-mail they will not receive another notification until the next time they don't visit the forum for 30 days. However if they receive the first notification and don't come back anyways they will not receive any further notifications until after they have visited the site.

This mod is easy to install. Download the zip, upload contents to the root of your forum, and you're done with that part. The file itself does the database edit required for this to function correctly.

Now for the harder part. You need to setup a cron job to hit the page once daily. For information on setting up cron jobs see this:

Depending on your web host you may or may not have cron jobs available for your server. The page in your forum directory that needs to be hit when setting up the cron job is reminder.php.

If anyone actually notices this mod and wants to use it just reply to this post.
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