Weird Errors...

Since has now gone away I've created this forum to house FAQs and support for this mod in phpBB2.

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Weird Errors...

Post by draken-KG »

Hi All,

Came to this site from phpbb after being told this had a working Attachment mod to test. I've posted on here at //phpbb.davidiq/viewtopic.php?t=14 to see how the mod works and work it does, very well.

The mod doesn't work exactly as I wish things to work on my site but could the following be done if I changed a few things?

I would like the url of the attached file to be outputted with the attachment details within the post? Also is it possible to list the url of the post in the details to? And finally is it possible to restrict file attachment to the original topic post only and only 1 attachment?

Any help appreciated,

Thank you.

All the best.