Image resizing/forum name and description.

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Image resizing/forum name and description.

Post by Coki »

Alright, two topics in a day! I guess i'll drive you guys crazy 0:).

So, i've seen on a forum ( that instead of having a picture limit size, the pictures user's posts have bars so you can scroll up, down, left and right to see different parts of the picture. In my forums ( we don't have that, and my skin automatically crops the pictures you upload. So, if they're bigger than the width of the forum, they got cropped and you've to see them apart(oppening the pic in a new tab). I'll post a screenshot so you can see what i mean, i don't have the best english nor vocabulary to explain this, lol.

Here, this is what i want to add: ... c9a1a3.png

And, this is what happens to me: ... 2&p=25#p25


Oh, and another thing, I'm not quite sure if you want me to create another topic. But how do i show the forum name and description in a different place? (Like, instead of the middle, just top left, in example). Is there any way to just hide it?

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Re: Image resizing/forum name and description.

Post by Mccrory »

Has the image resizing been made easier nowadays? Or is it still as complicated as it was back in the day?

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Re: Image resizing/forum name and description.

Post by DavidIQ »

Plupload makes image resizing a much simpler task nowadays.

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